Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

Dubai Shopping Festival is celebrating its 22nd anniversary in 2017 and this time it is going to start a week earlier. Visitors will get unbeatable deals between December 26th and January 28th along with celebrity performances, raffle draws with cars to be won and plenty of amazing events to celebrate the emirate’s past time. Fireworks from two locations across the city will illuminate the night sky.

Our 7 day Best of Dubai group tour has 1 full free day so travelers can enjoy the shopping festival.

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2017 Grand Balkan Tour Package

Is trip to charming Balkan countries on your bucket list? Anatolia Tours just launched 2017 Grand Balkan Tour with brand new itinerary. From Dalmatian coasts to the high mountains of Montenegro visit 6 countries in 13 days. Unbeatable prices starting from $1690 per person. More details at

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