Dubai Airport still holds top position as world’s busiest for international passengers

Even though  the passenger traffic grew at its slowest pace in at least nine years Dubai International Airport kept its place for the world’s busiest for international passengers in 2017.

According to Dubai Airports an increase of 5.5 percent was seen in the annual traffic with 88.2 million passengers as compared to 83.6 million last year.

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4,400-Year-Old Tomb Discovered in Egypt

An ancient Egyptian tomb, dating back more than 4,000 years, was discovered by archaeologists about 12 miles outside of Cairo, the country’s capital. The finding marks the first discovery to be announced in 2018, Ahram Online, an Egyptian news organization, reports.

The tomb is thought to have belonged to “Hetpet,” a high-ranking female official, Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry announced. The mud-brick tomb is in good condition and features various paintings of Hetpet, who was a priestess to Hathor, the goddess of fertility.

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