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Egypt small group tour packages and private guided travel from USA and Canada


Egypt, the home of the phenomenal pyramids and the massive Sphinx, is one of the most fascinating countries attracting thousands of curious travelers every year. The magnificent temples and the royal tombs, the isolated Christian monasteries hidden in the unspoiled oases, the contrasts of the lively city Cairo, the legendary past of Alexandria, and the matchless marine life of the Red Sea, all enhances its mystery and fascination. Egypt is a country you can visit again and again, these magical lands promise new experiences every time.
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All major highlights are included in our package prices (minimal optional tours, no local payments)
Our tours do not include overnight bus trips or use of any public transportation
All hotel names are communicated at booking and are reserved / confirmed with your deposit
Several tour options catering for different budgets, all best possible deals in their categories.
Classical Egypt Tour Cairo Luxor Aswan Tour News & Updates 
Egypt Rail Journey - Small group guided Egypt tour package Cairo Luxor Aswan Tour, private guided tour, 9 days  Anatolia Travels offer small group escorted Egypt tour packages, private Egypt tours and guided small group travel packages.  For best travel deals and superb service in private and guided group Egypt tours, Cairo hotels, small group guided packages & private custom tours, Luxor and Aswan sightseeing, religious escorted tours, Egypt cultural tours and for all your inquires call our Vancouver office USA / Canada toll free 1-888-3771632 or consult your travel agency today! Majority of our guests are from United States (USA), Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. You can join our tours from all around the world. Please see below the highlights of our best seller guided tour packages of Egypt. Classical Egypt tour is a small group escorted Egypt tour package departs every Saturday from Cairo. It covers Cairo, Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan. This cultural tour package is comprehensive and our most popular escorted group tour. Grand Egypt tour is 11 days guided group tour departing every Tuesday and Wednesday from Cairo. This tour covers the major highlights such as Cairo, Aswan, Kom Ombo, Aswan and Sharm El Sheikh. Discover Egypt and Red Sea tour is a private tour package which covers the major highlights and stays 3 nights in Hurghada. You can join the tours from Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, England or from any other country. All tours are escorted by English speaking professional tour guides. Wonders of Egypt and Jordan Tour is an 13 days comprehensive guided cultural tour package. This tour visits Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Amman, Petra and Dead Sea. You are free to book your own flights from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Houston or any other major city in Canada or the USA. We offer complimentary airport transfers in Cairo. 

Most Popular Guided Tour

7 nights / 8 days from $1250

Cairo - Aswan- Edfu - Luxor - Cairo  

Small group  tour, roundtrip from Cairo, comprehensive, land Journey, Nile cruise, 2 domestic flights.


Private Tour Without Nile Cruise

8 nights / 9 days from $1460 

Cairo - Luxor - Edfu - Aswan- Cairo

Private guided tour, roundtrip from Cairo, land journey and 2 domestic flights


Wonders of Egypt & Jordan Grand Egypt Tour  Mystical Egypt & Morocco
13 day Wonders of Egypt Jordan tour - Private Egypt Jordan tour package 11 day Grand Egypt Tour- Escorted Egypt tour package 15 day Egypt and Morocco group tour package 

Private Guided Tour

12 nights / 13 days from $2190

Cairo - Luxor  - Edfu - Aswan- Cairo - Amman - Petra - Dead Sea
cultural tour, starts from Cairo ends in Amman, comprehensive, 2 domestic flights, Nile Cruise

Escorted Group Tour

11 nights / 12 days from $1995 

Cairo - Luxor - Edfu - Aswan- Sharm El Sheikh- Alexandria

Escorted group tour, roundtrip from Cairo, very comprehensive, land journey, 3 domestic flights, Nile cruise

Group Tour

14 nights / 15 days from $1850

Cairo -Luxor  - Edfu - Aswan - Casablanca - Rabat -Fez -Marrakech
Escorted group tour, starts at Cairo ends at  Casablanca, land journey, domestic flights, Nile Cruise
Egypt Rail Journey Discover Egypt and Red Sea   Cairo Stopover Package
8 day Classical Egypt tour - Small group guided Egypt tour  

Private Guided Tour

8 nights / 9 days from $980 

Cairo - Aswan - Edfu - Luxor - Cairo
Private cultural tour, roundtrip from Cairo, comprehensive, land Journey, Nile cruise, 2 sleeper trains.

New Private Tour

11 nights / 12 days from $1580 

Cairo - Aswan -Edfu- Luxor - Hurghada- Alexandria - Cairo

Private cultural tour, roundtrip from Cairo, comprehensive, land journey, 2 domestic flights, Nile cruise

Ideal for Short Stays

3 nights / 4 days from $425 

*Now with Memphis Sakkara Tour*

Excellent for short stays, Cairo City package. Accommodation at 4 or 5 star hotels


Highlights of Egypt and Jordan    
11 day Egypt Jordan private guided tour package    

Best of Both Worlds

10 nights / 11 days from $1820 

Cairo - Aswan - Edfu - Luxor - Cairo - Amman 
Small group tour, starts from Cairo ends in Amman, comprehensive, 2 domestic flights, Nile Cruise
Egypt Group escorted tours and private guided tour packages    
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